Hacia la paz perpetua Un bosquejo filosófico

Emmanuel Kant


To perpetual peace is a treaty looking to reflect about the creation of new legal systems capable to keep peace among nations. For Kant it is a necessity, for practical reason, to establish conditions that are able to stop wars and subsequently achieve peace in everyway in humans life. The philosophical value, politic, and historical of «To perpetual peace» is not only rooted in a the project of peace which is, evidently, a hard idea to instantiate in the current political context. Nevertheless, due to the same difficulties that impede its realization, Kant offers us a philosophical model of history as a process of conquest, and political-legal loss.

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Hacia la paz perpetua Un bosquejo filosófico

Autor/a Emmanuel Kant
Editorial Fondo de Cultura Económica
Idioma español
ISBN 9786071659132
Año 2018
Género Filosofía
Páginas 110