La invención del amor

José R. Ovejero


From his terrace, Samuel observes the hectic everyday life like someone who is on his way back from having achieved nothing. He is a person who is not committed to anything or anyone. Early one morning, he receives a phone call informing him that Clara has died in an accident. Although Samuel doesn’t know anyone named Clara, he decides to attend the funeral, driven by a mixture of curiosity and boredom. Fascinated by the possibility of impersonating the person they must have intended to notify, Samuel makes up a relationship with Clara for Carina, Clara’s sister, and thus enters a game that is quickly out of his control. Soon, he is not clear whether the love he made up will end up saving him or sinking him.

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La invención del amor

Autor José R. Ovejero
Portada Ver portada
Editorial Alfaguara
Idioma español
ISBN 9788420414690
Año 2013
País España
Género Novela
Páginas 242