La razón neoliberal economías barrocas y pragmática popular

Verónica Gago


Neoliberal reason proposes thinking of neoliberalism not as a homogeneous and compact doctrine but as a complex technology of government, which implies putting the focus on the multiplicity of levels at which it operates, the variety of mechanisms and knowledge that it implies and the ways in which that combines and articulates unevenly with other knowledge and ways of doing. The practices «from below» (the fairs, the textile workshops, the town), on the other hand, operate a pluralization of neoliberalism that reveals articulation with other community forms, with popular tactics of solving life, with ventures that feed informal networks and with modalities for negotiating rights that use this social vitality. It is in this pluralization that the modes of resistance to a form of government that has been extremely versatile also play a role, and where the heterogeneous, contingent and ambiguous ways in which obedience and autonomy are disputed, inch by inch, are revealed above all the interpretation and appropriation of neoliberal conditions.

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La razón neoliberal economías barrocas y pragmática popular

Autor/a Verónica Gago
Editorial Tinta Limón Ediciones
Idioma español
ISBN 9789873687037
Año 2014
Género Filosofía
Páginas 317