Necesidad de música
Artículos, reseñas y conferencias

George Steiner


«Loved as much or more than a man of letters, George Steiner has written over half a century a great variety of texts about composers, musical genres and some pieces in particular, always with a sensitivity that allows him to go beyond the sound phenomenon. Never before gathered in one volume, these articles, reviews, program notes and conferences – and even an original three-voice essay that can be staged before an audience – are a testament to his devotion to the art that we access by ear but that It involves the whole body, the emotions, the mind. The experience of listening to recordings and not live artists, Beethoven’s painful letters, the ambiguous life of Shostakovich, the stardom of Liszt, the eccentricity and finesse of Gould, the staging of some unusual operas, the ambition of Schönberg and the Greek myths associated with the composition are some of the themes that allow the author to make his harmonious disquisitions about music and politics, literature, psychology, history … Steiner said already in 1974: ‘In my private life, in my personal life , I am increasingly in need of music «; What better way to have faced that need than by writing the pieces we offer here to the reader.’–El Argonauta, la libreria de la musica.

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Necesidad de música Artículos, reseñas y conferencias

Autor/a George Steiner
Editorial Grano de Sal
Idioma español
ISBN 9786079805968
Año 2019
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