Vasco Szinetar

Alejandro Castellote


The new volume of the PHotoBolsillo collection focuses its gaze on the Venezuelan photographer Vasco Szinetar, whose career is strongly linked to the history of his country.0His passion for culture has led him to portray writers and artists for 40 years, while continuing to develop into the most experimental profile of his work, where he conjures the past and death from an intimate and close experience.0With family roots closely linked to Europe, Vasco Szinetar soon discovered his passion for culture in his native Venezuela, which led him in 1979 to become a photographer in the literary supplement of the newspaper El Nacional de Venezuela.0Later he studied cinema in London, which allowed him to learn to organize images in order to build a certain syntax.0Vasco Szinetar (Caracas, 1958), in addition to his career as a photographer, works as curator, and researcher at the Archivo de Fotografia Urbana de Caracas and publishes poetry and photography books, both his own and those of others.

Hay existencias

Vasco Szinetar

Autor Alejandro Castellote
Portada Ver portada
Editorial La Fábrica/PHotoBolsillo
Idioma español
ISBN 9788417769543
Año 2020
País España
Género Fotografía
Páginas 108