México Tenochtitlan

Francisco Mata Rosas


«These photographs are a testimony of the living cultural manifestation that also highlight the imaginary thinking of the underdogs: those defeated by the conquest were not freed by the War of Independence, nor redeemed by the revolution, nor were they included in development and technology, those who have not achieved any other place in the recently inaugurated, vacillating democracy, and whose desolation these photographs do not attempt to hide. Despite the critical awareness that leads the photographer to insist on a certain sense of humor, the constant is a skeptical, if not stoically fatalistic, reading–The insistent melancholy of the archetype / Eduardo Vázquez Martín

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México Tenochtitlan

Autor Francisco Mata Rosas
Portada Ver portada
Editorial ERA
Idioma inglés
ISBN 9789684116337
Año 2005
País España
Género Fotografía
Páginas 186