¿Quién conquistó México?

Federico Navarrete


«The Spaniards did not conquer Mexico-Tenochtitlan: there were tens of thousands of indigenous people, moved by their own interests and headed by leaders who, systematically, led Cortes to fulfill his own ends … with all success. In this essay – as accurate as it is revolutionary and acute – the historian Federico Navarrete does a vibrant and seductive review of what happened exactly 500 years ago: he dismantles the powerful myths created throughout the centuries, explains the complexity of the colonization process, and offers dozens of arguments and reasons that allow us to answer, finally, a question that still hurts our identity: who conquered Mexico? In answering it, it is understood that the simplistic vision of the «Spanish conquest» emerged a long time later, and has served, to date, to foster discrimination and inequality in Mexico».–Translation of publisher information on page 4 of cover.

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¿Quién conquistó México?

Autor Federico Navarrete
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ISBN 9786073184670
Año 2019
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