The Queens of Sarmiento Park

Camila Sosa Villada


For Camila, it is a refuge, and the travesti who gather there are like family. At night they head out to Sarmiento Park to earn money. They stand together in the cold, sharing stories and a hip flask of whiskey, waiting for a car to slow down. Until, one freezing evening, Auntie Encarna hears crying in the bushes and wades in to investigate. When she finds an abandoned baby boy, she will hear no arguments: she is bringing him home to care for him. Life for Camila and the others will never be the same again.

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The Queens of Sarmiento Park

Autor Camila Sosa Villada
Portada Ver portada
Editorial Virago
Idioma inglés
ISBN 9780349016474
Año 2019
Género Novela
Páginas 192
Traducción Kit Maude